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Craft Fair

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As the name of the village already indicates, many citizens of Weinböhla are interested in wine and its cultivation. However, wine is not the only leisure activity. Others, such as sports, carnival, the fire brigade, the customs of Native Americans, gardening and historic bicycles enjoy great popularity.

A large proportion of Weinböhla’s citizens are interested in art and art works. Among other things, the products of their hobbies could also be admired on this year’s annual Craft Fair. To cater for the needs of both, citizens and guests of Weinböhla, artists and craftsmen from near and far were invited to the fair. In addition to that, exquisite regional wines, culinary delights and an entertaining cultural programme contributed to the success of the vibrant event, which again took place in the small streets and courtyards behind the church St. Martinskirche. The annual Craft Fair shows that it is not necessary to travel as far as Paris, Florence or Prague to experience numerous fascinating cultural facets in an attractive ambience.

As in the years before, the art of painting was in the centre of attention. However, lovers of pottery, carving, jewellery design, dancing, singing and instrumental music also got their fair share. Not only did professional and amateur artists as well as young talents demonstrate their skills, but they also invited their audience to get an insight into their work and to try it out themselves. Highlights of the cultural programme were the vintage car parade, the Tour de Weinböhla (a race on historical bicycles) and the Night of Music in the courtyards on Saturday.

The next Craft Fair take place at June 1st 2014.

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