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European Services Directive

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Target of the EU Services Directive is the creation of a European domestic market without borders, which ensures an unrestricted exchange of services between all member states of the EU.

In order to achieve this target, all procedures and formalities to start and provide a service must be as straightforward as possible. Furthermore, they must be feasible online which guarantees that also foreign service providers are able to carry out the necessary proceedings from all over the world.

Common point of contact for all services is the Einheitlicher Ansprechpartner (point of single contact) who is mediator between the service provider and the responsible authorities at the same time. However, the service providers may also contact the responsible authorities themselves.

On www.amt24sachsen.de, Saxony’s internet portal for public administration, service providers can obtain necessary information, pieces of advice and forms for the procedures related to the EU Services Directive (please refer to Verfahren und Dienstleistungen on www.amt24sachsen.de.

Official (local) contact for the realization of the EU Services Directive of the local government of Weinböhla:

Gemeindeverwaltung Weinböhla
Rathausplatz 2
01689 Weinböhla
Frau Kießler
Tel: 035243 3430
Fax: 035243 32258
Email: gemeinde@weinboehla.de

Access for electronically signed and electronically coded documents for relevant administrative procedures of the EU Services Directive:

Relevant administrative procedures and forms of the EU Services Directive:

(Short-term) permission for running a gastronomic establishment
Information / form

Application for clearance certificate
Information / form

Application for a gastronomic license
Information / form / detailed information on the form / explanatory leaflet

Cancelation of a business
Information / form / additional form

Registration of a business
Information / form / additional form

Registration of business changes
Information / form / additional form

Request for Trade Register information
Information / form

Application for itinerant trade license
Information / form

Request for reduction of legal closing time

License for day traders on weekly markets

For further information on the realization of the EU Service Directive

Information on EU Service Directive on www.amt24.sachsen.de

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