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The Mayor´s Greeting

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Dear citizens and visitors,

Welcome to the home page of the state-approved recreation area Weinböhla.

As the mayor of Weinböhla, I would like to introduce our new home page to you. Moreover, the presentation of our new home page also provides the opportunity to familiarize you with our village and its district council. Citizens, guests and companies now have the chance to contact the district council comfortably via the Internet. This service includes complete information on administrative proceedings, forms and contacts.

Let me invite you to a virtual stroll through the village where you can learn more about its sights and gather interesting information. Since Weinböhla is always worth a visit, it is also my intention to spark interest in our village.

Furthermore, as we are always willing to improve our range of services and information, we are open to new suggestions as well as to criticism. Thank you for your help.

The mayor,

Siegfried Zenker

Bürgermeister Herr Zenker
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