Weinböhla - staatlich anerkannter Erholungsort
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Bicycle touring

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Foto: Hans-Jochen Gramann

A large number of well-marked bicycle tours can be found in and around Weinböhla, the rather easy bicycle tour on the Elberadweg or the more challenging route round Weinböhla being just two examples. Both amateur and professional cyclists will be able to find their favourite tour to Weinböhla’s sights and the village’s surrounding.

Rund um den Erholungsort Weinböhla

(engl.: Around the resort town Weinböhla)


(engl.: Tour along the river Elbe, the meadow Nassau and through the forest Friedewald)

Moritzburger Weg

(eng.: Tour from Nieschütz to the hunting lodge of Moritzburg along Weinböhla)


(engl.: Tour from the river Elbe to the native town of the famous painter Heinrich Zille - Radeburg and back)


(engl.: Tour along the many ponds in the forest around Moritzburg)


(engl.: Tour through the pond area around of Moritzburg an some small villages)


(engl.: Varied tour through the towns Coswig, Radebeul and Moritzburg and surrounding area)

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