Weinböhla - staatlich anerkannter Erholungsort
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(engl.: Route of Green Stripe)

Hiking trail from Weinböhla to Moritzburg


Hiking on the Grüner-Strich-Weg, from the Elbe valley in Weinböhla through the forest Friedewald to the beautiful castle of Moritzburg, is a quiet and peaceful experience.

The tour starts at the last stop of the tram number 4 coming from Dresden or at the railway station Haltepunkt Weinböhla. The hikers then pass the town hall and walk along the main street until they reach the old pharmacy. A short subway takes them from the street Bahnhofstrasse to Sachsenplatz and Nordstrasse, from where they will finally arrive at the forest. They can enjoy the local flora and fauna when passing the ponds Neuteich, Grossteich and a number of other ponds which form part of the nature reserve Friedewald-Moritzburger-Teichgebiet. At the end of the tour, the hikers arrive at Schloss Moritzburg.

For those who fancy a ride in a historical train, the Lössnitzgrundbahn can take them from Moritzburg to Radebeul or Radeburg.

Heidehof am 9.5.2001 (Neg.-Nr. 46-12a)
Neuteich am 12.02.2006



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