Weinböhla - staatlich anerkannter Erholungsort
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(engl.: Route of Red Dot)

Hiking trail with many viewpoints


Starting in Radebeul-Coswig, the hikers pass the pond Spitzgrundteich to reach the area of Weinböhla. If they follow the trail via the hills Spitzberg and Fuchsberg,the forest Friedewald,they will also pass the castle Schloss Lauben. Walking northwards from the street Moritzburger Strasse, they hikers should use the chance to enjoy the view from the towers Friedensturm, König-Albert-Turm and Wartturm. Last stop in the area of Weinböhla is the open-air-theatre Gellertberg in Oberau. The hikers may walk along the Roter-Punkt-Weg as far as the city of Meißen.

vom K.-A.-Turm, 4
Friedensturm Negat. 24a



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