Weinböhla - staatlich anerkannter Erholungsort
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(engl.: Route of Blue Stripe)

National hiking trail from the Baltic Sea to the Saaletalsperren


This hiking trail is marked by a horizontal blue stripe and leads from Kap Arcona on the island Rügen through Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Brandenburg, Saxony, Thüringen to Ziegenrück on the river Saale. The trail covers a distance of 1500 kilometres.

Weinböhla is also part of the trail through Saxony. Coming from Auer, which is a district of Moritzburg, the hikers have to cross the forest Friedewald, pass through Weinböhla and the nature reserve Nassau to finally reach the city of Meißen. On their tour, the hikers get the chance to pass some time in Weinböhla and to get to know the village a little better. They have a number of opportunities, such as having a rest at the rest area Bäckersche Hofstrasse where they can find the Ortslehrpfad and the Model of the geological relief, or passing time in the village centre with the church St. Martinskirche and the restaurant Zentralgasthof.


Zentralgasthof and church
St. Martinskirche

Pond in the centre in autum

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