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Woodland Nature Trail in the area Spitzgrund

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The Trails comprise three tours of different character from the mill Spitzgrundmühle to the forester’s house Forsthaus Kreyern.

These three tours, which were established in 1992 and have since then been maintained by the association Interessengemeinschaft Friedewald, show the varied character of the Spitzgrund situated in the nature reserve Friedewald and Moritzburger Teichgebiet.


After leading the hikers straight uphill to the viewpoint Spitzberg, the trail is then continued by walking towards Weinböhlas’s hill Fuchsberg to then again reach the area of Coswig at Forsthaus Kreyern. The hikers learn interesting facts about the ecosystem forests and its characteristics.


This romantic trail along the meandering stream Lockwitzbach leads the hikers from the pond Spitzgrundteich to the pond Kapellenteich. Instructional charts inform the hikers on the meandering of the stream, damp biotopes and a medieval stone bridge.


Starting from the pond Spitzgrundteich over the Hoher Stein to the nature monument Seerosenteich, this trail leads the hikers to the forester’s house Forsthaus Kreyern by passing the Hochwald. Charts inform the hikers on wells and other witnesses of settlement in this area.

Forsthaus Kreyern am 14.08.2008 (1)

Forsthaus Kreyern
(engl.: forester´s house)

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