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Instructive Hiking Trail Obere Aue in Niederau

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A circuit from Germany’s oldest railway station through Oberau (district of the municipality Niederau)

Along the instructive hiking trail, the hikers attention is drawn to numerous historical, geographical-geological and biological characteristics of the area surrounding Oberau. Furthermore, a couple of stages at the trail afford a fantastic view on parts of the Elbe valley.

Starting at Germany’s oldest railway station in Niederau, the hikers will soon reach the hill Gellertberg with the open-air theatre and the small cottage Gellerthäuschen. Both names are reminiscence to the poet and philosopher Christian Fürchtegott Gellert. The hikers continue their interesting tour while walking along wine-growing estates, through mixed forests, past ponds and meandering streams to the open landscape of Nassau. Shortly before the end of the tour, the hikers reach the small castle Wasserschloss Oberau.

Length of the tour: 8,4kilometres

Bahnhof Niederau

© Gemeinde Niederau

Bahnhof Niederau - Germany´s oldest railway station

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