Weinböhla - staatlich anerkannter Erholungsort
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The Ortslehrpfad Weinböhla – a hiking trail providing information on local history and the development of the community Weinböhla

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A walk through Weinböhla along the trail Ortslehrpfad is anything but didactic. It is an instructive, entertaining and relaxing experience.

The towers König-Albert-Turm and Friedensturm afford a fantastic view on Weinböhla. Approximately forty information charts give an insight into Weinböhla’s past.

Maps of the tour, also containing information on sights, are available at the Tourist Information

Rathausplatz mit Kindern
The tour through Weinböhla, which is supposed to take approximately three hours, starts at the Rathausplatz/Wettiner Strasse. While walking on the trail, the hikers have to surmount 100metres elevation gain of the south-westerly slope of the Elbe valley and may afterwards relax on one of the numerous rest areas and playgrounds.

Hiking trails along the Ortslehrpfad

Weinböhla’s history and economic development, which was influenced by wine-growing, gardening, the limestone industry, traditional crafts and gastronomy, can be discovered on the Ortslehrpfad. The trail was established in 1994 by the association Interessengemeinschaft Ortslehrpfad, a group of 27 locals particularly interested in the history of the village. The location of the information charts are marked on a local map with numbers from 1 to 37. Another task of the Interessengemeinschaft Orslehrpfad is to take care of the three towers of Weinböhla and to guarantee the accessibility to the tower König-Albert-Turm on Sundays and bank holidays.

List of information charts
chart numbercontentposition
1Local history, Ortslehrpfad, bicycle trailsWettinstraße near Rathausplatz
2Interessengemeinschaft Ortslehrpfad, local destinationsSpitzgrundstraße opposite sports ground
3Centre of Horticulture WeinböhlaSpitzgrundstraße opposite sports ground
4Mining and processing of limestoneSpitzgrundstraße opposite sports ground
5Nature and CountrysideSpitzgrundstraße opposite sports ground
6GeologySpitzgrundstraße opposite sports ground
7Local sport clubsSpitzgrundstraße opposite sports ground
8Nature reserve Friedewald and monument WolfsdenkmalAuerweg
9Natural monument Funkenteichamong Moritzburger Straße and Waldweg
10HeimatdanksiedlungKöhlerstraße near Spitzgrundstraße
11Map of the council and street directoryMoritzburger Straße opposite restaurant Laubenschlösschen
12Radioactive wellLaubenstraße
13Royal Saxon Milestone and tower FriedensturmMoritzburger Straße near Bäckersche Hofstraße
14Friedensturm, Bicycle Club and monument Drais-SteinWilhelm-Wiesner-Straße
15Tower König-Albert-Turm and hiking destinationsBarthshügelstraße near Karlsstraße
16Information on König-Albert-TurmBarthshügelstraße
17Wine-growing and tower Wartturmon top of the vineyard near Steinbacher Straße/Wartturm
18Vineyard Ratsweinbergon top of the vineyard near Steinbacher Straße/Wartturm
19Local park at BurggrafenhainAm Börnchengrund
20Map of bicycle tours and sightsSachsenplatz
21History of transportBahnhofstraße
23Map of bicycle toursKirchplatz near Sachsenstraße
24Historical Wine-growing Estate WeinböhlaKirchplatz 19
25Nature reserve NassauEhrlichtweg
26History of wine-growingKirchplatz near curch St. Martinskirche
27History of tramsSüdstraße
28Swimming pool ElbgaubadDresdner Straße
near Elbgaubad
29Map of bicycle toursNeuer Anbau
30History of Lauben (a district of Weinböhla)Moritzburger Straße near Bäckersche Hofstraße
31Children and families in WeinböhlaSüdstraße
32Fountains and statuesRathausplatz near Rathausstraße
33State-approved recreation area, information for touristsAn der Nassau
in front of the station
34History of the village centreMeißner Straße
near Zentralgasthof
35Royal VineyardGeorgstraße
36History of the bridge JungfernbrückeF-Weg
37Former wells at LobetanzwieseNähe T-Weg
Information: The charts are written in German language only.
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