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Technical monument Postmeilenstein

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at postcourse Nr. 59 Meißen – Moritzburg

position: Moritzburger Straße near Bäckersche Hofstraße

The Royal Saxon Milestone from 1859/1860 is situated at the post tour number 59 from Meißen to Moritzburg and can be found at Moritzburger Strasse just at the corner to Bäckersche Hofstrasse in Weinböhla.

The monument was restored in 2007 by the company Steinrestaurierung Hans Peter Hain in Meißen. Before its restoration, the milestone was situated on the left at the street to Moritzburg and the Forststrasse. However, we can only conjecture at the question as to where the milestone’s original position was since its former location at the corner of Forststrasse and the street leading to Moritzburg used to be that of a half milestone. As the milestone today (only) shows the inscription “Moritzburg”, we might as well assume that it used to be placed at turning of the post routes 59 and 58 (the latter connecting Moritzburg and Niederau) and was put in its actual place after road construction works.

The remainders of two plugs indicate that the stone might also be one which was situated directly at Moritzburg. Although the latter assumption is much more likely, it cannot be proved by official records and the original position of the milestone is yet to be solved. Therefore, it was again put up near its previous position.

Source: Forschungsgruppe Kursächsische Postmeilensäulen e.V.

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