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Museum of local history

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The museum can be found in the historical wine-growing estate Peterkeller (address Kirchplatz 19, 01689 Weinböhla)

Heimatmuseum Weinböhla

Opening hours:
Open from May to September on Sundays from 3pm – 6pm and on request.

Zentralgasthof Weinböhla GmbH
Kirchplatz 2,01689 Weinböhla
Tel.: 004935243 560030,
Fax: 004935243 560056
Email: touristinfo@weinboehla.de

The Museum of Local History is located in the historical centre of Weinböhla near the church St. Marienskirche (Lutheran-protestant church). The museum was opened in the main house of the Historical Wine-growers Estate Weinböhla in 1989. The main house, however, was actually built in 1794 and is, from an architectural point of view, a half-timbered house with a solid ground floor. The whole complex of building dates back to the year 1622.

The expositions at the museum comprise:
The main exhibition hall at ground floor is reserved for special exhibitions. On the first floor, guests of the museum may discover our exhibition of permanent exhibits on wine-growing, on the history of local schools and churches, and on historical toys. The reproduction of a farmer’s house on the top floor gives an interesting insight into the life of our ancestors.

At the wine-growing estate outside the museum, visitors may have a look at our grape-vine nursery while listening to a detailed explanation of one of our wine experts or they may visit the historical wine cellar Peterkeller. Furthermore, the permanent exhibition at the wine-growing estate comprises a number of historical farming vehicles.

historical schoolroom

historical farmhouse room

Schulzimmer im Heimatmuseum
Bauernstube im Heimatmuseum

room for local history

room for artists and history of art

Ausstellung zu Weinböhlas Künstlern
two old butter churn
delivery of an historical painting from Mr. Dr. W. Schneider to the director of the museum Mr. R. Krönert

room for church and history of church


old organ from the church St. Martinskirche Weinböhla

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