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The vineyard Ratsweinberg

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Where wine-growers cultivate grape-wine and enjoy the company of their guests


The vineyard Ratsweinberg, which is integrated so picturesquely into the scenery of the hills of Elbe valley in Weinböhla, creates the impression that the grape-wine has been growing and ripening there for centuries. The presence of the tower Wartturm, preserved only as a ruin, which is situated on top of the vineyard, reinforces this impression. However, both, the tower and the vineyard, look back at an unstable history.
The first mention of wine-growing in Weinböhla dates back to the 14th century. Probably the vineyard Ratsweinberg was already then used for wine cultivation. With the decline of the wine-growing tradition in the 19th century, the Ratsweinberg also lay fallow.
In 1930, wine-growers started to recultivate the 1.3 hectares of land with grape-wine varieties , such as Müller-Thurgau, which are disease-resistant to vine pest. The cultivation of the Ratsweinberg is today still in hands of amateur wine-growers, who have added modern varieties of grape-wine to the existing ones.
(sources: Chronicles of Weinböhla, Leaflet for Citizens of Weinböhla)

Fass im Weinberg

Many people say that wine production is a lot of work. To show the opposite and to prove that wine-making is also a pleasant and cheerful activity, members of the Association of Wine-growers Weinböhla open the doors of their wine-growing estate on every last Saturday of June to the Day of the Open Vineyard. The Saxon wine, which is served by Weinböhla’s wine-growers, is of course in the centre of attention. Guest may use the opportunity of getting first-hand expert information on wine-making just where the wine is growing.
Apart from food and drink, the wine-growers have also catered for the cultural needs of their guests. The exposition of paintings by a local artist at the house of the vineyard Walhalla and a concert of the local choir are meant to entertain the guests. In the evening, the guests may prove their dancing skills.

The members of Weinböhla’s Association of Wine-growers

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