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Tasting of the new wine

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Impressions of the wine-tasting event 2011 of the wine-growing regions Saxony and Saale-Unstrut on April, 15th 2011 in Zentralgasthof Weinböhla


The representatives and majesties of the two wine-growing regions gathered on stage in the Zentralgasthof to open the festive event and to welcome the guests (from left to right): ambassador of the wine region Saale-Unstrut Gunter Emmerlich, President of Saxony’s Federal State Government Dr. Matthias Rößler, Saxony’s Sparkling Wine Princess Heike Titze, Saxony’s Wine Princess Anja Fritz, the Wine Queen of the Saale-Unstrut region Elisabeth Born, Saxony’s Wine Queen Juliane Kremtz, the German Wine Queen Mandy Großgarten, the German Wine Princess Melanie Unsleber, the chairman of the Saale-Unstrut Wine-growing Association Siegfried Boy and the chairman of the Saxon Wine-Growing Association Dr. Bernd Kastler.


Weinböhla’s mayor Reinhart Franke (2nd from the right), the wine-growers Monika & Andreas Henke and their winemaker Frank Dödtmann (right) tasting a Weißburgunder produced by the wine-growing estate Henke from the vineyard Weinböhlaer Gellertberg.

Not only did Weinböhla’s wine growers (the red waistcoats making them easily recognizable) help with the organization and carrying out of the tasting of the new wine, but they also proved to be an expert audience during the ceremony. The picture shows Traudel and Horst Kunath as well as Johannes Wöhler tasting a Bacchus produced in Freyburg.

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