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The election of Saxony´s Wine Queen

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Saxony’s Wine Queens are crowned in Weinböhla

The traditional election of the Saxon Wine Queen in the ballroom of Zentralgasthof Weinböhla is perhaps one of the most delightful events of the year at the Saxon Wine Route. The Wine Queen and her deputies, the Wine Princess and the Sparkling Wine Princess, are elected for a period of twelve months. They work as representatives of the wine-growing area Saxony, which is one of Germany’s smallest wine-growing regions with only 470 hectares of land suitable for wine cultivation.

During the electoral ceremony, the candidates have to prove their knowledge on the topic of wine, their cleverness and their charisma to an audience. After the current Wine Queen’s farewell speech, the presentation of the new candidates, a couple of entertaining games on stage and a blindfold wine-tasting, the new Wine Queen and her deputies are finally elected by an expert jury.

Franziska Spiegelberg from Weinböhla is Saxony’s Wine Queen 2011/2012

Quelle: www.weinbauverband-sachsen.de / Foto Kahle

Quelle: www.weinbauverband-sachsen.de / Foto Kahle

At this year’s election of Saxony’s Wine Queen in the restaurant Zentralgasthof Weinböhla, Franziska Spiegelberg from Weinböhla competed successfully against the other candidates. Thanks to her fantastic expert knowledge on wine, her charm and her perfect performance on stage, she became Saxony’s Wine Queen of the season 2011/2012. During the festive event in the Zentralgasthof, the candidates were able to prove their knowledge of Saxon Wine, their cleverness and their charisma to an audience of approximately 500 people. However, the jury did not only pay attention to expert knowledge and competence: “Today’s wine queens have to satisfy more than just a few simple requirements. Eloquence, charisma and charm, as well as the competence of reacting spontaneously in unexpected situations, are important qualifications to represent Saxony successfully,” said Dr. Kastler, chairman of the Saxon Wine-growing Association.

At the end of the exiting gala, Franziska Spiegelberg was elected. The twenty-one-year-old has everything a Saxon Wine Queen needs. She lives in Weinböhla and is currently training to be a social assistant at the private school IBB Dresden. She is also planning to continue her training by absolving an apprenticeship as a nursery teacher. Franziska is very much attached to her roots and wants to strengthen the popularity of Saxon wines beyond regional borders. At special occasions, she works as a waitress at the vineyard in Radebeul, a job which also stirred up her enthusiasm for Saxon Wine. However, Franziska is not only interested in Saxony’s wine culture, but also enjoys working with children. As Franziska is always eager to learn, she spends every free minute of her time to visit museums. Furthermore, she tries to catch a glimpse of various jobs by absolving voluntary practical trainings at different companies.

Saxony’s Wine Queen 2008/2009 is from Weinböhla

Weinkönigin 2008/2009 Marleen Herr

Weinböhla became residence of the Saxon Wine Queen when the charming Marleen Heer was elected for one year in November 2008.

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