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Weinböhla and Wine

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Weiße Trauben

Winegrowing in Weinböhla

“Nothing makes a place more familiar than enjoying the wines which have grown on its earth and which have been touched by its sun.” (Ernst Jürgen)

If you want to follow Ernst Jürgen’s advice and get to know this facet of Weinböhla, have a glass of Saxon Wine from the wine region Meißen, or more precisely from the vineyard designation Grosslage Schlossweinberg, Einzellage Weinböhlaer Gellertberg.

You may choose between a bottle of Müller-Thurgau, Grauburgunder, Weißburgunder, Kerner or Traminer. However, our wine-growers also produce other varieties, such as Perle von Zala, Riesling, Goldriesling Gutedel, Morio Muskat, Silvaner, Kernling Bacchus, Scheurebe, Veltliner, the amounts of which do not suffice for extensive cultivation. These wines are then only labelled Bereich Meißen, a label which refers to the larger wine-growing region Meißen. The new varieties Phönix and Johanniter only make up a very small proportion of wines on Weinböhla’s vineyards. Apart from these white wines, red wines such as Spätburgunder, Dornfelder, Portugieser, Trollinger and the new varieties Domina and Regent are also cultivated in our wine region.

Twenty-five hectares of land are used for viticulture in Weinböhla. On 5.5 hectares of this area, wine is grown by private wine-makers, the majority of whom are organized in the association Weinbaugemeinschaft Weinböhla. These private wine-makers have their grapes pressed by the Winzergenossenschaft Meißen, which is a cooperative association of wine-growers in the city of Meißen.

The work of our wine-growing association can be observed from the tower Wartturm, which offers a great view on the vineyard Ratsweinberg. Furthermore, the Day of the Open Vineyard in June and the Winzerstraßenfest on every first September weekend are opportunities for our guests to get acquainted with the way the inhabitants of Weinböhla celebrate.

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